I Had Forgotten How Much I Liked Iron Maiden

I was a huge Iron Maiden fan in the 80’s. I had quite a few of their albums and was I guess was one of those people who got extremely energized when listening to any of their albums. There was just something about the way the music was put together that I really liked.

Yesterday we went on our usual weekend mall trip and while browsing at FYE saw the album A Matter of Life and Death, the bands latest release. I’m not sure why I noticed it, except that someone Jonna works with had gone to a show in Chicago and she was telling me that he was rather disappointed in that they played more new stuff than old, and he didn’t recognize any of the music.

I couldn’t imagine being disappointed at a Maiden concert. They were actually the first concert I had ever gone to, at the now defunct Poplar Creek in Chicago, on the Powerslave tour.

This, coupled with our visit to the King Tut exhibit inspiring me to pop Powerslave on in the car last week has had me jonesing a bit for some new Iron Maiden.

So, this morning I logged into iTunes and grabbed the new album. I have to say, I love it.

The band sounds better than ever. I had forgotten how much Iron Maiden had meant to me back in high school. I remember spending hours learning songs like Number of the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Wasted Years, and Hallowed Be Thy Name, still one of my all time favorite Maiden songs.

This morning has been pretty satisfying, music wise. I’ve grabbed all of my old Maiden CD’s and ripped them into iTunes. Those I’ve lost, that I really had the urge to hear again, I’ve repurchased (with a subsequent backup – just in case).

For those who were big Maiden fans back in the day, check out this album. If nothing else, it will inspire you to pull out the old stuff and give it a listen.