Dog The Bounty Hunter Arrested for Jumping Bail?

From the “what the hell was he thinking” dept: Dog the Bounty Hunter arrested in Mexico for — jumping bail. I watch the show sometimes and have heard him incessantly preach to the people he captures, even accusing them of stealing his kids college money. Way to lead by example Dog!

4 thoughts on “Dog The Bounty Hunter Arrested for Jumping Bail?

  1. Illegal mexicans in our country dont obey the laws. THey dont pay taxes. ANd doctors who go back to their country so much during the year rake in a mint in the US and because of the back for so many weeks a year do not pay taxes!
    Ironic. Dog captures a scum bag and we treat him like he is the criminal.
    Only in america.
    What should be done is he should be given amnesty. Mr Bush should pardon him. But he wont, He bows to Mexico oh and Dog should thank god its not the Sadis.

  2. Thats rediculous. The bottom line is that Chapman is on TV every week lecturing people about how horrible they are for jumping bail.

    Then he jumps bail.

    According to him at any other time, those who jump bail *are* criminals. He needs to practice what he preaches.

  3. Sometimes a law has to be broken to save us women and children from the evil put on us by MEN. I say more power to Dog. We love him and glad he got a rapist out of our mist. Somebody’s got to care. Sister’s who are rooting for the DOG.!! Ruth and Elaine

  4. Dog should be set free, he DID break the law but im sorry he was catching a guy who raped ladies becuase he was rich and thought he was above the law….. FREE THE DOG!

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