Jonesing for Metallica? Try iTunes!

I was quite happy today to find out that Metallica is finally offering their music via iTunes. I asked for Master of Puppets for Christmas last year (because I had lost it somewhere) and on top of it, when I tried to rip my “black album” to my iPod I found that it was scratched beyond repair.

I never really was good at taking care of things — thats why I like digital music.

Currently the albums “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets”, the “Black Album” (Metallica) and “… and Justice For All” are available through the iTunes Music store. I rebought my two lost and “mysteriously missing” this evening, for what amounts to about $12 below what I would have paid for both of them in any other channel, if my math is right.

Three of the four (excluding the black album) have live bonus tracks — a nice value add.

I’m glad to see Lars and the boys finally get their heads out of the sand and realize that they were missing the new wave. I’ve basically refused to replace these albums until I could do it online.

Update – 07/29/2006

When I checked iTunes at the time of this writing, only the four albums mentioned were up there. Now, the whole catalog is up on both iTunes and Napster (I had Jonna check Napster for me).

I like the way this article starts as it expresses the sentiment really well: “It’s official: Hell just froze over.”

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