Music: Dimebag is back with Rebel Meets Rebel

Rebel Meets RebelYesterday while at the mall I found Rebel Meets Rebel, the result of a musical partnership between, David Allan Coe, the late "Dimebag" Darrell Abbot, Vinnie Paul Abbot, and Rex Brown. The album is an interesting mix of country and Pantera / DamagePlan type heavy metal music.

I have to admit that I was skeptical that I would like the album. I’m not a big country fan. However, I have to say that not only is the music great, but it is so nice to hear Dimebag play again. I’ve really enjoyed his playing since starting to listen to Pantera in late 2004 shortly after his death and I think was in one of those “new fan” modes where I just wanted to hear everything he had played. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before I was out of new stuff.

Now, the posthumously released Rebel Meets Rebel gives Dimebag fans something to listen to. Dimebags playing is excellent on this album, and surprisingly the mix of the two genres of music works really well, so much so that I’m tempted to pickup earlier DAC recordings to see what the pre-Dime music sounded like.

Its too bad Dime is gone. Its obvious that he was starting to really branch out and experiment with different ideas. This album gives us a glimpse into what I’m sure was only a small piece of it. I think these guys were on to something.

If nothing else, you can hear Dime again. That in itself is worth the price of the CD.