Google Mail for Domains

Well, its been about a week since I received notification of my ability to use the beta of Google Mail for Domains. Once again, Google has outdone themselves.

I moved the domain over to Gmail for Domains on Monday or Tuesday of last week. I had some issues with DNS populating accordingly but after about 48 hours and one (yes, only one) email to the gmail support team, I had the domain up and running on the new service.

Setting up new accounts on your domain is a breeze, thanks to the simple UI design within the control panel. It really is a lesson in simplicity, with nothing in the admin pages that doesn’t need to be there. Its really the bare minimum to get someone up and running on an account. Its kind of refreshing to have something as large as an email domain to administer to have such a minimalistic, common sense user interface. I was quite impressed.

Each account on the domain has a standard 2G limit on space. According to the documentation, these accounts do not grow when you hit your limit. Quite frankly, even with the volume of email I get from mailing lists and the like, I’ve never hit my limit on my normal gmail account anyway, so I’m not too worried about it. Unlike me, most of my family keeps their inboxes pretty clean. I’m a pack rat and keep everything.

This is a nice service and I think I’ll stick with it. Its probably the best email system and easiest admin service I have used thus far.