WordPress 2.0 RC3 Upgrade

I decided to upgrade the site to WordPress 2.0 to see what the new version looks like. Currently, I’m having some problems with permalinks and some plugins may not work. I will continue debugging later on in the next two weeks. One thing I will say is the new version looks great. The admin section has been majorly overhauled, complete with AJAX enablement, drag and drop placement of sections within the admin screen, and live preview of your post so that you can see what you’ve written in context with your theme – something I’ve been waiting for for quite some time.

The main problem (that I know about right now) is that it seems as if the comments do not work on posts since the upgrade. For some reason, on newer posts you just cannot get to the comment template. I’m currently tracing through that to figure out what the deal is.

As I get the bugs worked out, I’ll post up the details of what I’ve found.