CastBlaster 0.51 released and Equipment Rehash for Keith

Yesterday the 0.51 version of CastBlaster was released. I really like this software a lot. It makes podcasting so much easier. The user interface, once you get use to it, is very natural and simple to use. It takes care of the whole process, from creation to description, to publication via FTP of your MP3 to your servers. The sound quality on the resulting MP3’s are excellent. If you’re looking to start a podcast, you should definitely pull down the trial of this software and give it a try. The trial is free and allows you to record for 10 minutes. To purchase the product it costs $50, of which its worth every penny. Registration for the beta carries over to 1.0, obviously.

Keith was asking me what I was using for my setup now, so I thought I would recap it for him. Consider this a Pay It Forward for the help I received from the Roadhouse Podcast.