Enhanced RSS Feeds

Over time, I’ve noticed that much of the traffic coming to the site these days is through the RSS Feeds. As I’ve noticed this traffic, I decided to finally break down and grab myself a copy of FeedDemon and lo and behold, I now do most of my reading through an RSS reader these days.

Some of the feeds that I read actually aggregate del.icio.us links and Flickr feeds into the main RSS feed which I thought was really cool. It winds up that this is done through FeedBurner.

So, with the help of the WordPress Feedburner Plugin by Steve Smith over at orderedlist.com, I’ve enhanced the RSS feeds on the site to use FeedBurner.

I hope you RSS aggregators out there like the new feed.

1 thought on “Enhanced RSS Feeds

  1. Hi Ron,

    The old RSS feed was better. The reason is that I’d rather see the del.icio.us and flickr links selectively or at another time when I am not reading what you have written. My 2c.


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