Guitarist : Dave Paris

I was listening to The Distorted View podcast earlier today (a quite disturbing episode, I might add) when he started doing listener mail. During this segment one of the mail messages he received was why he didn’t play Joe Satriani during this segment anymore, to which his reply was “… because I don’t want to get sued”. In the background, I heard some really great sounding guitar music.

He then mentioned that he was using music from a guy named Dave Paris. I went to his site and started listening to his music this evening. The guy is pretty damn good.

There is one problem. There are some goofy URL’s here, so you will not be able to listen to these unless you fix the URL once you click on his links on the music page. Change the %5C characters in the URL right after the ‘tunes’ directory to a forward slash (‘/’) and the files download fine. For example,:


The two songs I’m digging the most right now are Wise Mans House and Greater than Angels, two ‘shredder’ type songs.

Check them out and tell me what you think. Incidentally, he is also looking for musicians to make real recordings of these songs. He is calling the songs in their current state “Prototype Demo Tunes/Future Hits“.

2 thoughts on “Guitarist : Dave Paris

  1. ron,
    i gotta’ tell you that i am honored for the compliments & i do appreciate it.
    ironically “wise man’s house” is my least fav of my demos posted. it was first tune recorded, sloppiest, & most cut & pasted! i’m going into the studio soon to make that pro level, God willing.
    i don’t think anyone over 30 has liked “greater than angels!” my iowa area is real acoustic & blues based, so heavy stuff is a real turn off…congrats; YOU’RE my audience!
    sorry about my links. seems my site is IE friendly, but not real good on netscape & mozilla; i’ll need to tweak it & hopefully get it working for you.
    thnx again; please keep in touch.

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