The Drunk and Retired Podcast

Ed Gibbs, who runs the Musings of a Software Development Manager blog, recommended a podcast called Drunk and Retired, put on by two 10 year veterans of software development, Charles and Cote.

I’ve downloaded a few of the podcasts and spent this morning listening to the first two episodes, The Life Agile Parts One and Two. The podcast is pretty interesting. Charles spent some time over at ThoughtWorks and the first two episodes focus primarily on Agile Programming practices, including Test Driven Development, Scripting Languages, and XP and Scrum.

It’s kind of nice to find a podcast in which two regular guys who seem to know what they are talking about sit down over a couple of drinks, tell war stories and give opinions on different software development concepts and methodologies. I’m finding the podcast, so far, to be really interesting.

I’m currently listening to episode eight, which is titled “Learning From Open Source” in which Cote and Charles discuss the effect that Open Source software processes could have on commercial software development, a subject that I have been interested in for the last few years. This is one that I may create a follow up post about to summarize the points, as right now there seems to be a lot of interesting points here.

Check it out if you have some time to kill during your commute.

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