“Fly” to Randy Rhoads Grave Site on Google Earth

Jonna had mentioned to me the other day that the beta for Google Earth was over and that you could now download the application. I had tried to grab it during the initial beta, but was not allowed to download it.

Well, I finally got a copy of it, and have been playing with it for a bit this morning. One of the first things I wanted to do (aside from the normal “Hey I can see my house from here” exercises) was find the Randy Rhoads grave site on it, with the directions that Jonna had gotten Tom the Architect and I when we were in California.

Typing in the address didn’t quite do it, which I’m finding quite a bit on Google Maps and Google Earth. In each, typing my home address puts me down the street a ways. Luckily, the pictures of our neighborhood are recent enough that our fences are visible in order to identify the house.

Anyway, I did some “flying around” San Bernardino and I think I found the actual location and marked it. So, if you’ve got the application installed, go to Randy Rhoads Grave on Google Earth. If you do not have it installed yet, go get it. It’s quite fun to play around with and adds a whole new dimension to mapping.

Additionally, some quick Googling around got me to a place where someone has done the work to find the Bruce Lee grave site as well. The actual Keyhole placemark can be found at this link directly, but I would recommend reading the whole posting. It’s pretty cool and has a Quicktime VM look around the grave site included as well.