Sarzo’s Off The Rails Book Update

I received an email from the Diary of an Axeman Club forum, referring to another forum in which the moderator posted this message:


Just heard back from Rudy and he says the book is only delayed.
He says Amazon made a poor choice in wording the emails.
He appreciates everyone’s interest and support here.

The full message thread can be found on the board. This board, according to the info in its rules section, is also frequented by members of Randy’s family and others like Kevin Dubrow, Kelli Garni (former bassist for Quiet Riot and Randys childhood friend), and Rudy Sarzo, so the source seems credible.

This is good news for Randy fans. I know I’ve been looking forward to the book since it was announced.

2 thoughts on “Sarzo’s Off The Rails Book Update

  1. Hello,
    I talked to Rudy on the phone myself..I ask him why the book Off The Rails “Cherry Lane publishing” had not been released yet and he told me that Sharon Osborne has several accounts with the same publishing company and she called John Stix and threatend to pull all ozzy’s accounts if they released Rudy’s book! whats up with this hag! she needs to be put in her place..I lost all respect for them after the Iron maiden thing she is a dumb shit. In my eyes she is just like any a&R crook she leached onto ozzy through her dad because she knew ozzy was going to be big..hell she even slep with randy rhoads during this what a ho! I guess she saw that randy Was going to be even a bigger star and wanted some of that gold as well.
    Anyway all the Randy Rhoads fans are awaiting this book because it has a day by day diary that Rudy kept during the Diary of a madman tour and gives up allot of dirt on sharon i guess.

    I think this site should get behind rudy on this and tell everyone about this bitch.

  2. Reading this book should be awesome, when will it be available? There are lots of fans eager to check it out. Who cares if Sharon Osbourne is in the book, how rich have the Osbournes gotten from Randy’s contributions????

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