Dan Bricklin and Peter Norton

This morning as I was browsing around I ran into the home page of Dan Bricklin, the co-creator of Visicalc (the first computer spreadsheet program) and Dan Bricklin’s Demo II, a really useful program for creating interactive screen demos of products (a product which I still miss because I used it a lot to get ideas in front of users quickly without having to code anything). Boy, I’d love to have a product like that around again!

As I read through some of the stuff on his site, I started getting a little nostalgic. The early days of the PC was such a cool time. I decided I might do some searching on where the hell Peter Norton ended up, who as goofy as it sounds, was someone I really looked up to as a young 13 year old getting into programming.

In that search, I found this article on denounce.com that made me laugh. For those old enough to remember (I can’t believe I have to say that now), this historic pose was on every book worth anything on computers at the time. The article was funny, and I thought I’d post it up.

I still haven’t found any good information on what happened to Peter Norton except that he apparently collects art or something now. If anyone has any links shoot them over in the comments section.

As a side note, Dan also goes through his current podcasting setup, for those interested.

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