Great Article on Scripting Languages I Found …

While looking around this evening I found this really great article by Rick Nooner on the advantages of scripting languages over lower level languages. The article gives some really good examples of some complex applications written in languages like Python.

In answering the question “Why use high level languages”, the article points out the following:

Truth of the matter is that we all write about the same number of lines of code with approximately the same error ratio no matter what language we write in. To become more productive, we have to increase the amount of work done per line of code and make errors easier to find.

This is the advantage of Python over other languages and one of the reasons that I got hooked on it as soon as I took the time to play with it. You can do a lot in a small amount of code in Python.

Take some time to check this one out when you have some free time. It was a great read.