Jakes 15th Birthday

Jakes 15th Birthday

Photo by rbieber

Jake and Kelsi "strike the pose" with his new PSP he bought with "birthday money" — a currency that children seem to trade for products and services these days.

Yesterday was Jakes 15th birthday. For his big day he received “birthday money” to which he added to “other money” to purchase a Sony PSP.

We also went to see Night Ranger at McHenry Fiesta Days. Jonna and I thought they were pretty good, but the kids had a lot of comments like Kelsi’s statement of the evening “there’s too little words and too much guitar”.

Too much guitar???!
Is that possible?

I enjoyed the show. They sounded great and Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson were excellent as usual. I’ve always liked Brads playing and it was cool to finally see him play in person.

Our children are definitely “post Nirvana” children though, who do not understand the value of a great guitar solo and the incredible feeling of an air guitar in hand …