Experimenting with Themes Again

I’m experimenting with themes again this morning. This one is based off of Minima Plus, with some customization.

I’m still not real happy with the sidebar, but I’ll continue to work on it. I get bored with the look of the site very quickly, and quite frankly, I didn’t like the color scheme of the last theme and was too lazy to muck around with it. I also like the simplicity of this one. It doesn’t take away from the content and looks less busy.

4 thoughts on “Experimenting with Themes Again

  1. Ron,
    You really look great. Better then You have ever looked. Something about you looking pissed off in every picture cracks me up. Something tells me it’s thanks to Jonna that you look so good.

  2. I’ts simple and clean, The header graphic is a bit big for my personal liking, if you have a lowish res screen, you don’t see much more than that when you open the page, generally I like it though.

  3. Yeah, I did notice that it was kind of big. The original unmodified theme called for an image this big, which is why I sized it to the size it is. Shortly, I’ll make it smaller.

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