Subversion 1.2.1 released.

The Subversion team has released version 1.2.1 of their version control system.

The following changes are included in this release:

– Client:
* fixed: ‘svn lock’ on switched file locks wrong thing (issue #2307)
* fixed: ‘svn (un)lock’ errors on multiple targets (r14736, 14775)
* fixed: ‘svn (un)lock’ problems with URI-unsafe names (issue #2314)
* fixed: ‘svn (un)lock’ not caching authentication (r15088)
* fixed: ‘svn unlock’ loses executable bit (r14859, r14923, r14939)
* fixed: ‘svn unlock URL’ segfault (r14893)
* fixed: ‘svn commit’ failure on XML-unsafe locked paths (issue #2335)
* fixed: recursive directory copy bug (issue #2343)
* fixed: don’t initialize RA library in ‘svnversion’ (r14755)
* fixed: svn-push segfault (r14732)
* various translation updates for localized client messages

– Server:
* fixed: ‘svn log’ performance regression, general (r14116, 14772, 14759)
* fixed: ‘svn log -v’ performance regression, FSFS-specific (r15016)
* fixed: mod_dav_svn bug sets content-type incorrectly (r15046)

* fixed: win32 innosetup’s add/repair/remove features (r14830)
* fixed: OBOE with ‘limit’ parameter of svn_repos_get_logs3(). (r15119)
* redhat RPM fixes (r15050)
* perl bindings:
– accessors for svn_lock_t (r15082)
– call utf_initialize, adjust global pool usage (r15076, r15080,
r15081, r15117)

You can download the software at one of the following links: