Vinnie Moore with UFO?

Just to show you how much I actually keep up on things, I read last night that neo-classical 80’s shredder Vinnie Moore has been playing with UFO, replacing Michael Schenker. Vinnie, along with people like Tony MacAlpine (now playing in Vai‘s band The Breed), Steve Morse (now with Deep Purple), Yngwie Malmsteen (still doing his own thing), and Steve Vai, were the primary ingredients of my musical diet back in the 80’s. Since I got the iPod a couple of weeks ago and subsequently loaded all of these guys on it, I’ve been listening to them almost non-stop recently — hence my interest when reading this article.

Now, this all seemed like news to me, but when I hit Vinnie’s site, I found out that this actually happened in 2003!

Way to keep up Ron!

Vinnie’s albums Mind’s Eye and Time Odyssey are still two of my favorite albums from this genre. He’s a really great guitarist, and has a sound that is instantly recognizable.

Time Odyssey also includes, I think, one of the best covers of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” ever made.