That Star Trek:TNG Kid has a blog …

So I’m sitting around last night watching VH1’s 100 Greatest Kid Stars, hosted by Christopher Knight.

One of the kids they brought up was Wil Wheaton, the kid from Star Trek : The Next Generation. As I’m watching the show, I hear him say something about his blog and make a mental note to check out his blog the next time I’m on-line.

Now, normally with mental notes, they last for about 3 minutes and are never found again and I never remember to look at what I thought I needed to look at. But when I woke up this morning the first thought I had as I went through the news was “… wait a minute, I have to check out that Star Trek guys blog”.

Wil, who used to play Wesley Crusher on Star Trek : The Next Generation, is now an actor, writer, blogger, and geek. His blog,, is actually a pretty interesting read. He’s definitely got a sense of humor, as can be seen on his FAQ page. This blog just might become a regular read for me. It’s definitely gotten my curiosity up on his books, Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek. I just might have to pick them up sometime.

Now one might ask, “What could I possibly get out of reading that guy from Star Treks blog”? Well, I found a reference to The Geek Code, apparently a sign of status in the geek community. Now I have one. Do you?

Version: 3.1
GIT d- s:-- a C++@ ULS+++@ P+++@ L+++>$ E@ W+++$>$ N+@ !o !K-- 
w+++@ O@ M !V-- PS+>$ !PE !Y+ PGP>$ t+>$ !5 X+++>$ !R- tv+++>$ 
b++>$ DI++ !D G>$ e? h--->$ r+++@ y+++

To decode the above code, copy it and paste it into the Geek Decoder.