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This morning I ran across the FeedWordpress plugin by Charles Johnson. This plugin allows you to actually feed your WordPress site via RSS feeds.

Unfortunately for me, I had the wrong idea as to what the plugin did. I thought it actually just added links to articles to your blog in a specified category. What it actually does is feed your web site with posts from the RSS feeds, including creating new categories for you. This is great if you are creating a site specifically for aggregation, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Again, unfortunate for me, I decided to experiment on the production site instead of my development site, using Tom the Architects site and Slashdot as feeds to try the plugin out, resulting in a ton of content being posted to the site without me realizing it. I think I’ve cleaned it all up.

One thing about WordPress is that it doesn’t facilitate cleaning up a mistake like this easily. It was a pretty laborous process to get everything cleaned up. One thing about me is that I have to learn to stop playing around with things on the main site and use the development site on my local server for these activities.

If you see anything goofy that you might have seen before on another site, let me know so that I can remove it. I’ve double checked to make sure I removed everything, but you know how that goes … you always miss something.

I really have to learn to do more reading before just installing things on the site. However, the plugin works REALLY, REALLY well. Grab it if you want to start an aggregation site.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been using the FeedWordPress Plugin also, and I must say, it works very well as far as bringing fresh content daily. One problem that I’ve had was getting the feed to post to the proper category. After going back to the installation guide, I finally figured that out, although now I find that it adds the posts to the right category, but also adds a link to the Blogroll or Contributors which when I try to take off deletes the syndicated feed and I’ve had to start all over again adding the feeds back into the WordPress site. So, I’ve left it alone for now, but if anyone knows how to manage the links better, please let me know, so that I can keep the categories, and erase the contributors, if possible. Otherwise, if you’re not too concerned about posting to any particular category, it’s very easy to update the posts whenever new content is needed.

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