Publishing CruiseControl Automated Build Results on a Weblog

Lasse Koskela has implemented a CruiseControl Publisher that supports the Weblog API.

This is an interesting concept. Managing your build system through weblog software. I’m interested in seeing how this would work and what effect blogging software could have on the productivity / mind sharing activities in a development team. This might be something I need to prototype somewhere.

We already use Wiki software as a documentation tool, and home grown build management software for the rest of the system, however I’m kind of interested in how WordPress could be used in the same environment. Using “prepackaged” open source software for the activities surrounding a build / development team could cut out a lot of cost in software maintenance related to internal systems.

Some additional benefits I see from using this type of software as the central development hub “intranet”:

  • Ability to post system notifications for hardware / patch maintenance
  • One place to go for build notifications (get them out of email!)
  • Ability to automagically post system upgrades or software deployments to the central site
  • Ability for individual developers to post ideas or links to proof of concept software prototypes
  • … I know there are more, but I have to dwell on it some more