Cobertura – Java Test Coverage Tool

As a note to myself, I found a reference to Cobertura this morning as I was reading through the CruiseControl mailing list. Cobertura is a tool to calculate the percentage of code accessed by tests (test coverage).

According to the FAQ, this is a fork of the jcoverage tool, with “prettier reports” and a more open development process.

A sample report is also provided on their web site. It does look pretty cool, and would be a nice addition to an automated build system.

As an aside, a developer from the project has also developed a PHP based reporting front end for CruiseControl. The developer states that the “ugly” source code can be found in his CVS repository in the web module.

Whether the code is ugly or not, it’s definitely a start on integrating PHP based build management systems like SourceForge with CruiseControl.