Randy Rhoads / Ozzy Issue of Guitar Legends Magazine at Newstands

Randy Rhoads - Guitar Legends I found the latest issue of Guitar Worlds Guitar Legends magazine at Borders this weekend. It’s a full on issue about Ozzy Osbourne and his career. The best part about it, however, is that there is a ton of content about Randy Rhoads, Osbournes first guitarist, who died in plane crash on May 19, 1982. Along with two great articles, one on Rhoads himself and the other with former Quiet Riot basis and Rhoads childhood friend Kelly Garni, this issue also includes a transcription of a guitar clinic Rhoads had just before his death.

Also included in this issue are transcriptions of the following songs:

  • Flying High Again – Osbourne / Rhoads
  • Over the Mountain – Osbourne/Rhoads
  • Mr. Crowley – Osbourne/Rhoads
  • The Wizard – Black Sabbath
  • War Pigs – Black Sabbath

Being the first day of my vacation yesterday, this issue came out just in time. I spent most of the day upstairs with my guitar just noodling through the tabulature. Aside from Vai, Randy Rhoads has always been one of my favorite guitar players (Mr. Crowley, if you remember, rated number 1 on my top ten guitar songs).

If your a Rhoads fan, this is definitely a magazine to pick up.

3 thoughts on “Randy Rhoads / Ozzy Issue of Guitar Legends Magazine at Newstands

  1. OH man definitley. I have read that issue about 20 times. I just read it over and over. Randy is by far my favorite guitar player. Being a player and a teacher myself, Randy has had a huge impact on my playing. R.I.P

  2. Randy Rhoades is buy far the greatest guitarist of all time. Its a shame a legend had to die, granted Zakk Wylde is a suitable replacement. I dotn know if his skills are quite there,nut he is definetly a talented man. I’ve been a fan of ozzy my whole life. I even have a couple of tracks from before sabbath when there were a blues band named earth. HUGE fan. well just dropping my 2 cents worth. Later

  3. i recently purchased a rr series jackson. plays awesome. im 19 and i play randy’s songs from the live album his style. i am self taught. RANDY ROCKS AND IS THE VERY VERY BEST.

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