Ajax based Plugin for WordPress for Inline Post Editing

From the “Holy-Crap-this-is-the-coolest-plugin-I’ve-ever-seen” department:

I ran across the WP-Touched plugin this morning that purported to do inline post editing on your WordPress postings right from the main page – no admin screen. Thinking this is too good to be true, I tried it.

It works. This is about the coolest plugin I’ve seen so far. The plugin inserts a link on your posts that when you click it, you get full editing capabilities right on the current page – from the content, to the categories, to the allowing of pings and comments and excerpts. Everything is right there at your fingertips with no post up to the server to the admin pages! The only thing missing right now is the trackback edit box (which would be useful).

This plugin is really cool and is a good illustration of the power of AJAX based applications in a really effective and practical way.

1 thought on “Ajax based Plugin for WordPress for Inline Post Editing

  1. Hey, thanks for the praise 😉

    Customisation of the plugin will be available in the next release. I’m trying to make it so that almost everything is configurable about what turns up (you could, if you wanted, just have the trackback and comment status for example. Why? I dunno).

    Any feedback or suggestions you, or anyone else, have would be greatly appreciated on the post. 🙂

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