A Genius Explains …

Browsing slashdot this morning, I came across an article called "A Genius Explains" in The Guardian. Its a pretty inspiring article about a 26 year old autistic savant who is a mathematical genius and can speak seven languages (including one he is creating on his own).

The cool part of this particular story is that the subject of the article is extremely articulate and can explain what goes on in his head as he is doing math problems and the reasons for the routines that he has to go through in order to feel comfortable. In addition, his ability to create a career teaching and writing online courses is amazing.

The article also talks about his friendship with Kim Peek the man who inspired the character of Raymond in the movie "Rain Man". One interesting fact about Peek that I did not know was that he has the ability to read two pages at one time (one with each eye) with a 98% retention rate.

This is a long article, but really worth the read. Its a truly amazing story.

There is apparently a book written on Kim Peek called The Real Rain Man: Kim Peek that I might pick up. It looks facinating.

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