Am I getting the most out of my people?

Andy Kaufman of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development has a great blog entry on his blog on getting the most out of your people.

Some excellent points. I’m currently wrestling with metrics and how they effect productivity in groups. There’s a fine line between measuring the “convenient” rather than the “important”. The former can have really damaging effects on the morale of a team, if nothing else just because it doesn’t make sense.

I read Andy’s site religiously. He obviously spends a lot of time thinking about leadership and takes many things from his own life to illustrate the points he is trying to make.

I spend a lot of time reading business and leadership books. Some of them have a huge effect on me. Some sound nice, but you don’t know whether they will work or not. The nice thing about reading Andy’s stuff is that I have worked for him twice in the past and know he practices what he preaches. He is one of those managers that stick out in my career that I really admire for the productivity he was able to squeeze out of me during the times we worked together. Working with him was definitely the highlight of my career so far.

Give his site a read. You won’t walk away disappointed. You may also want to pick up his book, Navigating the Winds of Change if you get a chance.