RIAA Sues Dead Woman over File Sharing?

There’s an article I found this morning about how the Recording Industry Association of America had filed a suit against an 83 year old woman who hated computers for illegal filesharing. The woman had allegedly made available some 700 rap, rock, and pop songs available for download from the computer she didn’t have. She apparently went by the screen name smittenedkitten.

One problem. The woman, aside from being completely computer illiterate – is dead. The womans daughter apparently sent the executives a death certificate, but the suit was filed anyway.

These guys are really out to make examples out of people. They’ll sue anyone, children, the elderly, and now even corpses.

I never understood what the big deal regarding file sharing was. I used to pull files down from Napster every now and again to find out if I liked them before I would actually go out and buy the album the song appeared on. I always thought it was a brilliant way to promote new albums in order to hook people and get them to buy the actual CD’s. Then again, I always had a thing about owning the official CD’s anyway and would always view a burned CD from home as “being cheap” which was something I never wanted to be. I figured that if I really liked the music, it was my obligation to buy it to at least support the musician who invested the time in creating it.

Apparently I’m one of the few who think that way. I had no idea that the problem of peer to peer music sharing was as widespread as it was, including such a wide range of people in all age groups and stages of decomposition.

Now that I know the true breadth of the problem, I can completely understand why the RIAA are so persistant in finding these hellions and bringing them to justice.

All you smittenedkittens out there better be watching your back. The RIAA is on the case!