Mozilla FireFox 1.0 – Total Conversion

After spending some time with FireFox, I have completely converted to it as my default browser on both Linux and Windows. I have also found a great theme called Noia 2.0 (Extreme) that just looks great!

I am also now playing around with Thunderbird as a mail client under Windows XP. I use Evolution on Linux right now and have liked it a lot. Under Windows, however, I do not like using Outlook Express. From what I’ve seen of Thunderbird 0.9 so far, I really like it, though I cannot seem to find a way to copy your mail filters between servers that I can tell. I accidentally created all of my filters on my Local Folders and will probably have to redo them for the actual account mail server in order to get them to be applied upon receipt of mail. However, this one problem aside, the client looks like it might be a viable replacement for Outlook Express for my XP installation.