Bieber Labs on iTunes

Bieber Labs on iTunes

Photo by rbieber

Look Ma, I’m on iTunes!

My brother commented on the last post congratulating me for being on iTunes. I gotta admit, that’s kind of cool.

Wow, first the PSP, now iTunes. Whats next???

For the record, checking the server logs today I’ve received a whopping four downloads of the first episode that can be attributed to iTunes.

I think that makes an overall total of four. 😉

Styx – Elkhorn WI

Styx - Elkhorn WI 073

Photo by rbieber

We went to see Styx last night at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI. We got about 32 pictures that actually turned out, with one that was so reminiscent of the Black Sabbath Paranoid cover that I had to include it.

The band sounded great. Its odd. I can’t see these guys too many times. We go to see them almost every time they are in the area (I think we’ve missed one or two shows in the past 4 years).

The pictures we took can be found in this photo set. Don’t expect anything spectacular. We were pretty far away, and haven’t quite mastered our camera yet.

A Trip to the Milwaukee Zoo

Jonna’s company sponsored a trip for their employees and families to the Milwaukee Zoo. I haven’t been there since the eighth grade and enjoyed it quite a bit.

We took over 100 pictures, but all of them didn’t turn out. Unless the lighting is perfect, our camera tends to blur easy. Either the camera sucks or the photographers (which consist mostly of Kelsi, Jonna, and myself) suck out loud.

Anyway, you can see the pictures that did turn out over at the Flickr album. All in all, we had a lot of fun and got some pretty decent pictures, my favorite aside from the ones of the kids being the one shown below.

Milwaukee Zoo 068

At first glance all I saw was the red type. When seen like that, it strikes one as being a little extreme.

Jonna The Tornado Chaser

Jonna Chasing Tornadoes (5)

Photo by rbieber

Jonna was on her way home from Minnesota on Thursday night as tornadoes wound their way through Wisconsin. She was able to take some really cool pictures of the sky as she was driving and having me check where she was in relation to towns she was hearing on the radio using Google Maps (she was actually trying to avoid the storm, not chase it — but that doesn’t make a very good headline).

There’s a total of 17 photos in the photo album.

As an aside, if you download and install the Flickr Uploader, it now supports creating new photo sets during upload, a feature I’ve been waiting for for a while.