Base-Art / Bringing RSS to SVN

For a while I have wanted to be able to build RSS feeds off of the commit activity in a Subversion repository in order to publish the latest commits to an internal intranet site. I found a blog article called Base-Art / Bringing RSS to SVN this morning that makes this possible.

This is yet another note to myself to check it out and see if it fits what was in my head. It may also be an indirect note to Keith to check it out for me. 😉

From what the site says, this allows you to build the RSS feed in a post commit hook, in addition to building a separate HTML file for browsing independently from RSS, and does it all incrementally.

100% Pure Java Subversion Client Libraries

As a note to myself, I have to look at JavaSVN when I get a chance. Its a pure Java implementation of a Subversion client.

Some things I have to research:

  • What would it take to integrate this into CruiseControl to eliminate the need for the Subversion client being installed on the box?
  • What would it take to integrate this into Apache Ant for the reason listed above.
  • Finally, has anyone actually already done the above two things?

I’ll post the answers back here when I find out.

Trac: Integrated SCM and Project Management

This post is more a reminder to myself than anything else. As I was browsing the wordpress plugin repository I saw they are using version 0.8 of a product called Trac that integrates with Subversion and provides basic project management and defect tracking.

The site says the software does the following:

  • An integrated system for managing software projects
  • An enhanced wiki
  • A flexible web-based issue tracker
  • An interface to the Subversion revision control system

This looks really interesting and I need to remember to check it out. I tried to download it this morning, but it seems the download area of their site is down.

Update: is not down. For some reason, FireFox was giving me zero reply error. When I went to a Windows machine with IE, I was able to download the software.