Mozilla FireFox 1.0

I downloaded Mozilla Firefox 1.0 today and browsed around with it a little this morning. Wow, what a difference! Speed wise it’s much better than the Mozilla browser. I was able to install the Flash Player Plugin without any human intervention whatsoever — on Linux!

While I’ve only goofed around with the browser a little bit this morning, I can definitely see, just from a short time living in the browser, what all of the “hubub” is about. This incarnation of the Mozilla browser may even give the Opera browser a run for its money.

Impressive. Now I’ll have to install it on my Windows machine …

Novell Ships Enterprise Desktop Product

According to, Novell has released their enterprise desktop distribution, Novell Linux Desktop.

You can read the press release on their web site.

I started running SuSE Linux when Redhat stopped doing retail distributions in lieu of the Fedora Project and never looked back. I had run SuSE 8 back in the day and wasn’t really impressed. They have done a great job on the distributions since Novell bought them, integrating the Ximian desktop into the product. I’m interested to see what the new desktop product looks like.

My reasoning for the switch at the time is that I just don’t like downloading distributions. I like being able to go to the store, buy a distribution, and install it without all the headaches of waiting hours for a download and burning the CD’s myself. I guess the whole CD burning thing is one thing that I haven’t really embraced yet.

It wound up for the best, as I think SuSE is one of the best distributions I have run thus far, from a “consumer wanting a desktop” perspective.